Mercy in Perspective

When we loose our perspective—when we loose the ability to number our days—we loose hope. This lack of perspective on ourselves and God’s wrath threatens to destroy any shred of meaning and joy in our lives. The request in Psalm 90:12, then, is a prayer for perspective in light of God’s wrath and our mortality: “So teach us to number our days / that we may get a heart of wisdom.” The idea is not just that we need simply to keep our mortality in mind because this makes us uncommonly wise or intellectual—the idea is that we will not be able to survive this life unless we have some assurance that an end to God’s wrath is coming. Tell us how much longer we have to hang on, O LORD! We are counting down the days.

I preached a sermon on Psalm 90 last weekend at Christ Community Church in Daytona. You can download the audio and/or the manuscript after the jump.


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