From Suffering to Praise

This eternal salvation will transform your suffering to praise. Did you notice in Psalm 22 that it gets blacker and blacker until in vv. 15–17, David/Christ describes his own death? But then he pivots to trust and praise! In vv. 19–21 he cries out for help, and in vv. 21–31 he is unashamedly praising God—in the future tense! See the eternal salvation that I am talking about is not just something to hope for in a vague or distant future—beyond the bounds of death where we can only gaze dimly. It is a quality of life that reaches back from beyond death to transform your experience of suffering now.

A very short excerpt from my Good Friday sermon on Psalm 22 at Restoration Anglican in Minneapolis, MN. If you’re interested, full audio of the message is available here.


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