My name is Alex Kirk. Splintered Light is my commonplace blog.

In my day job I teach bible and theology for national pastors in the developing world with Training Leaders International. In my free time I am studying toward a PhD in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible from Durham University.

Splintered Light is a medium for me to work on occasional writing ideas and to share wide-ranging and interdisciplinary thoughts, quotes, images, connections. There will be no “blogging” here. The title comes from a paradigm-shifting conversation between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Use the social media links to follow my travels and teaching in real time.

Here’s my CV, and you can read some of my academic work on my Academia.edu page.

You should probably know that I’m using the Amazon Affiliates Program, which means that if you click a link on this site that connects to Amazon.com and buy something then I get a small kickback on that purchase (<10%). This will help cover this site’s hosting costs and the cost of other web-based apps that I use for work and school.

Thanks for reading. Do send me a note.